What's an Agile Roadmap+?

Agile Roadmap+ is part of the Tune-up approach (www.tuneupprocess.com). Tune-up offers a comprehensive solution to improve production processes, focused on agile project management and teamwork. Tune-up covers four aspects to be addressed by an improvement process based on agile methods:

  1. Training including the neccesary knowledge (Kanban, Lean Development, Scrum and Extreme Programming).
  2. Diagnosis of the context in which the agile practices that will be introduced.
  3. Tool support for the approach. We have our own tool called Tune-up Process.
  4. Consultancy for the follow-up and support during the introduction of agile practices.

Agile Roadmap+ synthesizes our experience at the diagnosis and evaluation of agile practices.

This image shows the model associated with Agile Roadmap+. First, a prioritization of improvement objectives must be established. Each agile practice contributes to certain improvement objectives. Thus, agile practices can be sorted according to their contribution to the most important objectives. In addition, the effort to prepare the application of a practice should be considered as a factor that may rule out or postpone its application. Moreover, the current level of implemention of a practice will offer a greater or lesser improvement margin. For instance, if one practice is not currently applied it could offer more room for improvement. We should also consider the relationship between practices. A practice could be reinforced by the application of other practice or be inhibited by the absence of other practice. Finally, it should also be taken into account possible challenges for implementing a practice, and this could be another consideration to postpone or rule out a practice.