What's an Agile Roadmap?

An Agile Roadmap is a roadmap (also called Improvement Backlog) for the implementation of agile practices in a team. This is an ordered list of process improvements that will be implemented in the team over time.

To develop an Agile Roadmap one needs to know and understand the agile practices offered by agile methods. In Carta de Prácticas Ágiles: Arma tu propio menú ágil, we elaborated a list of 42 practices collected from the most popular agile methods (Kanban, Lean Development, Scrum and Extreme Programming).

To elaborate an Agile Roadmap is necesary because is difficult, and often not recommended, to implement many practices at the same time and/or in all its depth (recommended reading ¿Revolución o evolución hacia el agilismo?. Therefore, it is useful to have an ordered list of candidate practices that could be gradually implemented. It is also implicit that an Agile Roadmap focuses on implementing agile practices, not a specific agile method.